David & Michelle Becerra

Born, raised and educated in Miami, David Becerra is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he earned a double major in motion pictures and computer science. In his early career, he worked as a videographer and editor at various TV media outlets, including the Miami Herald, MEGAtv, and Digital Cut; he later teamed up with some of the largest ad agencies in the country and contributed his talents to such global brands as McDonald’s, Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet, AT&T, Sprint, Walgreens and Tide (P&G).
Michelle Becerra, too, is a Miami native, as well as a graduate of Loyola Chicago’s School of Communication. Her exposure to the advertising world stems back to her childhood – shadowing her mom at one of the leading Hispanic ad agencies in the country – and her love for cameras is totally homegrown. And while some people say too much of anything isn't good, in Michelle’s case, she couldn’t get enough! With early experience in TV production, marketing and event planning, she later transitioned into the entertainment world, producing and directing live TV shows, brand integrations and creative campaigns for Univision.
Today they've combined their talents as the co-founders and principals of MDB Concepts.