Makyla, Daryn, Devanique, Daryl, Devon
Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Makyla, Daryn, Devanique, Daryl, Devon

Their personalities run the gamut from level-headed and calm to boisterously curious, but siblings Makayla, Devon, Daryn, Devanique and Daryl have a special family dynamic.

The eldest and most reserved of the group, Makayla takes the responsibility of caring for her sister and brothers very seriously. She enjoys art and anime.

Daryn is easygoing until he has a point to get across.

Devon has tons of energy; he likes football and wants to be a gymnast.

Devanique is sassy and strong-minded.

Daryl, like many boys his age, loves to explore. The children cherish spending time together and sitting down to have dinner as a family, as well as movies, music and dancing. They never want to be apart, and they’re hope for a family that can love and accept them all.

“The family that adopts us has to have patience. They would have to understand us and how our emotions flow,” says Makayla. “To me, love is when someone will be there for you no matter what.”

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