Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Stephania, Rugge

Stephania and her younger brother, Rugge, know just what buttons to push to drive each other crazy. But woven between the teasing and practical jokes is a wide ribbon of loyalty, pride and love.

“He’s annoying, but he cares,” says Stephania. “Even when he doesn’t show it.”

“She’s smart and she’s fun,” says Rugge. “I’ll always watch out for her and keep her safe.”

The siblings live with the same foster family and are helping to raise a household menagerie that includes dogs, birds and turtles. They also attend the same school; Stephania thinks she’d like to be a nurse one day, while Rugge can see himself as an engineer, or maybe he’ll design video games.

“I’d like to make one where you can choose if you want to be a superhero or a villain,” Rugge says. “You’d have your choice of superpowers and there’d be lots of different cars and trucks and – ”

“I’d play his video game,” interrupts his sister.

“But there would be no girls in the game,” says Rugge.

“Then you aren’t going get paid, because there are a lot of girls in this world,” counters a practical Stephania.

“Okay,” says Rugge. “But if you’re going to be a superhero I’m making that superhero three feet tall.”

Both like to watch scary movies, though Stephania admits she’s “very jumpy.”

“I scare her all the time,” laughs Rugge, “and she tries to scare me, but it never works. I give her props for trying, though.”

The two are hoping to find a home together with parents who are “fun, fast-paced and adventurous,” says Rugge. “Just like us!”

Case Number: 100778343