Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About J’Twain, D’Zyre

They make each other laugh, finish each others' sentences and share a love of corn dogs – siblings J’Twain and D’Zyre may be three years apart, but they’re as close as close can be.

“She’s funny, she’s cute and she’s very playful,” says J’Twain of his younger sister.

“He’s nice and he knows how to fix phones,” says D’Zyre.

The two attend the same school, where they’re both straight-A and -B students.

“I got honor roll this year,” says D’Zyre, proudly, “and perfect attendance too!”

“Honor roll is hard for me,” admits her brother. “I have to do a ton of work to get on honor roll.”

J’Twain likes social studies and science, “but I don’t like math that much and my writing is terrible,” he says. His sister likes computers, and science class too: “We’re learning about the moon!”

Both dream of travel to faraway places (J’Twain wants to go to Alaska or Venice, Italy, where he can paddle a gondola; D’Zyre would like to ride across Africa on the back of a cheetah), and of a future forever home and family.

“I want them to know that I am strong and smart and pretty,” says D’Zyre.

“And I want them to know that even though I’ve had a rough life,” says J’Twain, “I’m still very loving.”

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