Photographed by Christopher Buchanan

About Juliet

Astute. Intelligent. Well-spoken. Funny. Confident. These are just some of the qualities that come together in Juliet.

This social, self-proclaimed bookworm enjoys the typical teenage girl experience, like hanging out at the mall with friends, chatting with her besties on the phone and watching TV. She finds the size and energy of New York inviting and would love to live there one day. She’d also like a pet Rottweiler and to take a spin in a Ferrari.

While the glitz and glamour of the big city appeals to Juliet, she also enjoys thrills more mundane. Her favorite foods include salad and chocolate chip cookies (not at the same time!); she loves the movie Enchanted; and her favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars. Juliet says that her dream family would bring her happiness, positive energy and lots of love – all of which she’d reciprocate, of course!

Juliet, ID: 100763967