Photographed by Andriana Mereuta

About Jean

A fan of tigers, baseball and Michael Jackson, Jean is an adorable prankster with a warm, bright smile that’s like a piece of sunshine. Intelligent – he loves school and especially excels at math, his favorite subject – and very active – he plays football in the Girls & Boys Clubs and likes baseball and riding bikes, too – Jean’s perfect future family would be just as energetic and into outdoor activities as he is.

“And they should know that I’m smart and help people with their homework,” he says.

Somewhat shy when he first meets you, this delightful young boy quickly opens up and can go from radio silent one moment to a mile-a-minute chatterbox the next. Friends would describe Jean as very helpful, which perhaps explains his wish to be a police officer when he grows up, and he’s proud of the good grades he gets in school. He lists his teacher and Barack Obama as his heroes, but whomever welcomes Jean into their family will find they’ve got their own little hero on their hands.

Jean, ID: 100902180