Photographed by Felix Becerra

About Myya, Kayla

Like the fictional sisters in their favorite TV show, Liv and Maddie, it sometimes seems as if siblings Myya and Kayla have nothing in common.

“I like the beach,” says Myya. “I like the pool,” says Kayla.

“I like fish,” says Myya. “Yuck!” says Kayla as she makes a face. “I like pizza.”

“Science is my favorite subject,” says Myya. “I like art class,” counters Kayla.

But take a closer look, and you’ll find that they share a love for many more things than not, like school, getting good grades, dancing, video games, Beyoncé songs and each other.

“Sometimes she makes me mad, but we always make up,” says Myya.

“We love each other a lot,” nods Kayla.

Kayla says her friends would describe her as shy, but helpful. She wishes she could have a piglet for a pet – it’s her favorite Winnie the Pooh character – and she’d like to be a teacher when she grows up.

Myya’s favorite things about herself are that she’s smart and fun. She thinks lions and cheetahs are cool and she’s most proud of reading aloud in class.

Both girls want potential moms and dads to know that they’re creative, friendly and nice.

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