Photographed by Charles Allan Smith

About Scott

While he readily admits that school isn’t his favorite place to be, Scott claims P.E. as his favorite subject, and he enjoys art class because his teacher is nice. After school, you’ll likely find him playing football or soccer with his friends.

“I play forward,” he says of soccer. “That’s the guy who makes the goals.”

Scott’s superpower of choice would be “speed,” which would be a big help to him in his chosen career of professional football player.

One of his fondest memories is a birthday visit to Sky Zone; his favorite thing to eat is McDonald’s cheeseburgers, but “hold the pickles, please.” He loves dogs, and if he had one he’d probably name him Max.

Asked to name three things that he can’t live without, Scott says he’d first pick the basics: food and shelter. But his third choice would be “a family that likes playing video games and going to fun places.”

Scott, ID: 102036577