Photographed by Krishan Gray

About Sarah

Bubbly and outgoing – though she’ll say she’s shy – Sarah’s a big animal lover with a laugh to match who hopes to one day become a veterinarian.

“I’ve had almost every kind of pet you can name,” she says. “Dogs, turtles, birds, fish, cats, even chickens.”

A fan of action flicks and romantic comedies, Sarah also likes to draw, sing and text with her friends, who, if you asked, would say she’s funny, loyal, trustworthy and a little crazy.

“I’m a daredevil,” she admits. “I’ll take on anything!”

But at school she’s all business: “I try my best to be a good student, and I’m taking advanced math and reading classes,” she says proudly. “Those are my favorite subjects.”

When asked to describe what her ideal family would be like, Sarah says that they’d always have time for her and make her feel included.

“And it’d be great if they had other kids,” she adds.

Sarah, ID: 00000000