Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Kivonte

The qualities Kivonte looks for in his friends are the same ones he hopes to find in a forever family.

“Someone I can trust, who will listen to me and understand who I am,” says this thoughtful young athlete, who in turn will offer the same, and then some. “People say that I’m a good listener, that I’m respectful and that I’m fun,” he says.

Kivonte devotes much of his free time to honing his skills on the basketball court and football field, as a point guard and running back, respectively. Math and science are his favorite subjects at school – “I like learning new things” – and he also enjoys video games, hip-hop and singer/producer Drake.

Wise beyond his years, this positive thinker has already come up with a plan for his future. When he turns 16, he’d like to work at Publix. Following that, he hopes to turn his love of sports into a career as a pro basketball or football player. When he hangs that up, he’ll turn to computer engineering. It’ll take a lot of hard work to make it all happen, but Kivonte is undaunted.

“Keep going toward my goals and don’t look back, no matter what. And always think positive,” he says. “That’s my philosophy.”

Kivonte, ID: 10312976