Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Jah’qwan

Jah’qwan is a vibrant bundle of nonstop energy. He hits the ground running in the morning and, just like the Energizer Bunny, maintains a high level of activity until bedtime. Because of that – and because it takes Jah’qwan a long time to complete tasks – his ideal parents are ones with an extra helping of patience, along with a healthy sense of humor.

Funny, extremely loving and an avid attention-seeker, Jah’qwan also loves music of all kinds, including jazz and gospel. In fact, just a bit of coaching had him breaking out into a beautiful rendition of “It is Well with My Soul,” his favorite church song, during his interview. At home, his toy piano and guitar are always in heavy rotation. He dreams of being a great drummer.

A more day-to-day goal is “doing good in school,” says Jah’qwan, who’s very proud of learning something new every day. He likes math, coloring, karate and Spiderman, and counts Barack Obama among his heroes.

“There’s never a dull moment with him, especially if he’s well fed,” laughs Jah’qwan’s foster mom. “He keeps us entertained for hours.”

Jah’qwan, ID: 101792437