Photographed by Krishan Gray

About Fabian

Active and imaginative, Fabian – like most boys his age – loves to fill his days with sports, action movies and lots of video games. A die-hard gamer who can confidently grab the console of every system out there, including PlayStation and Xbox 360, Fabian’s interests aren’t limited to solely electronic pursuits. He enjoys school and summer camp and is a member of a local junior baseball league, excelling as both an outfielder and a shortstop.

Fabian’s a fun, super-cool person, not just because he likes pizza, Pokémon and hanging out with his friends, but because he has a soft spot for people in need. In fact, the two things that make him the happiest are being with those he cares about and helping others. What kind of family is this sincere young boy looking for? One filled with people who are kind, considerate and like spending quality time together.

Fabian, ID: 00000000