Photographed by Jorge Parra

About Leedell

Chances are, you’ve never met a kid quite like Leedell. Charming, charismatic and sharp as a tack, this wise-beyond-his-years and very social youngster is a voracious reader.

“I love to read, especially ancient Greek and Egyptian stuff,” he says, adding that books “just call to him.”

While you might assume his favorite subject is English, Leedell says it’s actually civics, though he knows he’ll be just as excited about world history. You’ll never find Leedell glued to the TV set, though he does admit to having a couple of favorite movies: The Never-Ending Story and Where the Wild Things Are.

Leedell will thrive in a home where his thirst for knowledge will be nurtured, especially because he’s got big plans for the future. He tells us he’s planning on becoming an architect, an engineer and a veterinarian. Of course, he adds, “I want to write books, too.”

Leedell, ID: 102543782