Photographed by AJ Shorter

About Joshua

Joshua’s three favorite things are “basketball, basketball and more basketball,” he says, laughing. “I like football, too.”

The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is his favorite NBA player, and he also admires multitasking writer/producer/director/actor and self-made mogul Tyler Perry. School can be a bore, but he does work hard to do well there.

The opposite of boring? Adrenaline-pumping thrills like skydiving and driving dirt bikes off tall buildings. Both are things Joshua would like to try, despite a slight fear of heights.

“If I could do anything I wanted to tomorrow, I’d probably do that,” he says.

Or maybe he’d just get up late – like most teenagers, sleeping in is something he likes to indulge in.

“You can throw water on my head and I’m still going to fall back asleep,” he chuckles.

But a permanent home and family, preferably one with a dog, is the biggest thrill he’s seeking. And, says Joshua, “They have to like basketball.”

Joshua, ID: 10114080