Photographed by Christopher Buchanan

About Billy

Budding science buff William (“Billy” to his friends) has unique qualities that you probably won’t find in most kids his age. He’s insightful, inquisitive and enjoys classic rock – the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, to name a couple. He finds science really cool and is into learning about how scientists come up with ways to build and discover things. One day, he’d like to construct a radioactive submarine himself.

Billy’s also a bit of a foodie who enjoys sampling different types of cuisine. Among his favorite things to eat are squash soup and Hershey’s chocolate.

Even with his eclectic personality, developing palate and appreciation of music that’s a few generations behind him, Billy’s a typical teenager who likes to spend time with friends and play the latest video games. He says that if he had superpowers – like laser sight or flying – he’d use them to fight crime, which explains his interest in a career as a police officer.

As for how he sees his forever family, you can be sure that the bigger, the better – Billy says he hopes to be an adoptive parent one day himself, to seven kids.

Billy, ID: 11575973