Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Zachary

Zachary is a quiet and shy little boy whose autism sometimes makes it hard for him to focus. But sparks of brilliance shine through when the conversation turns to color combinations and technology. He eagerly points out, for example, that red and blue make purple, and that blue and orange make brown.

Music is something else that resonates with and soothes him; he has a beautifully melodic voice.

He’d eat spaghetti and chicken nuggets every day if he could, preferably while watching Blue’s Clues, Family Guy or Finding Nemo. He’s also a NASCAR fan – red cars are his favorite.

Zachary engages adults with great eye contact and behind his blue eyes lies a kaleidoscope of genius, just poised for expression. A patient, compassionate family with an interest in helping Zachary explore his artistic and technological interests, while exposing him to opportunities to expand them even further, would be ideal.

Zachary, ID: 11334991