Photographed by Thom Mozloom

About Steven

A keen observer of everything around him, Steven describes himself as cool, smart and funny. Interesting since he bears a striking resemblance to comedian Dave Chappelle! But this well-rounded young man isn’t all fun and games – he takes school very seriously.

“I got really good grades so far this year,” he says. “I’m gonna end the year with good grades, too.”

Steven considers intelligence a most valuable commodity. In fact, if he could do anything or be anything, even a superhero, he’d choose being “the smartest person in the world.”

He loves numbers – his favorite subject is math – but he also likes to listen to hip-hop and play video games.

Steven wants potential forever families to know that he’s funny and smart. And since having a good sense of humor is one of his strengths, he like a family that loves making people laugh as much as he does.

Steven, ID: 11935965