Photographed by Janeris Marte

About Patience, Treasure

As shy as she is sweet and friendly, Patience likes cats, playing card games and reading. In fact, one of this bookworm’s proudest moments was reading a book from start to finish in just one day.

“I like being smart,” says Patience, who shares that learning even more at school is one of her current goals. She thinks she’d like to be a teacher when she grows up, or maybe a guardian ad litem, roles that will allow her to help children just like her.

Treasure is far more talkative, telling everyone in the room all about her last birthday party and the pretty new dress she’s wearing. She thinks she’d like to be a vet one day, since she likes to take care of animals.

“Or maybe a singer,” she muses. “I like to make up songs.”

Both girls are looking forward to meeting their new parents. Patience wants them to know she’s good at math, likes to sleep late when she can, and that vanilla is her preferred cake flavor when her birthday rolls around. Treasure wants them to know she really, really likes going to the water park.

“And butterflies,” says Treasure, “because they are beautiful.”

There is no video available for this sibling group.

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