Photographed by Allana Wesley White

About Omarion

If Omarion had to choose just one superpower, it would be the ability to use the “force” to freeze bad guys and put them in jail. He admires superheroes like Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, and teenage superhero sidekick Henry Danger, because he’s “fun and he saves people.” And if he could choose just one dream destination, “it would be New York City,” says Omarion, smiling. “Bruce Wayne lives there.”

Good-natured and thoughtful, Omarion excels at school and says that mathematics come easy to him. He also loves to be active, always choosing to play QB when it’s time to play football during gym class. And while he does enjoy video games, his perfect day would be spent outside eating barbecue, riding his bike and having a pool party with friends. His perfect family would nurture his active lifestyle and should probably love dogs as much as he does, most especially German shepherds.

“They help the police,” says Omarion, so naturally, they’re his fave.

Omarion, ID: 12529404