Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Monique, Vonnisha, Alexis

A sense of harmony flows around sisters Monique, Vonnisha and Alexis. In sync from their clothing choices to their interaction with the people around them – the girls often respond in unison and complete each other’s sentences – they delighted the Heart Gallery crew with a dance routine of choreographed steps, hand claps and rhythmic moves.

Monique is the eldest of the group and has taken on the role of protector to her younger sisters; her proudest accomplishment is winning an award at school for being kind. Her favorite subjects are math and history, and she’s thinking that a career as a doctor or nurse would suit her just fine.

In the middle is Vonnisha, who describes herself as “cool and smart.” She loves basketball, flag football and riding her bike, and dreams of being a clothing designer when she grows up.

Alexis, the wise-cracking “baby” of the bunch, says her favorite animal is “a monkey, because I like the way they climb on trees!” She counts police officers among her role models and hopes one day to be one herself.

When asked what type of family they would like, the girls all chime in.




And if their future family likes to dance as much as they do, that would be great, too.

Case Number: 101077870