Photographed by Annie Cullen

About Milena

Milena is a self-described “girly girl” who loves shopping, mani/pedis, painting and swimming at the beach.

“I’m a fish,” she giggles.

Taking a dip in the ocean or skimming across the water in a boat are just two of her happy places, though really, doing anything outdoors – like playing soccer or going for long walks around her neighborhood – makes her smile.

Milena says her best friends would describe her as “funny, easy-going and kind,” and if you spend just five minutes with her you’ll know all that and more is true. Outgoing and bubbly, she loves that she gets to broadcast the morning announcements over her school’s PA system every day.

“I like to talk,” she says. “I talk a lot.”

Her favorite subject at school is science, because “you do experiments and find out more about the world. “It’s so interesting!” Scuba diving is something else she finds fascinating – she once went while visiting the Keys and got to touch a sunken ship.

“When I came back up I was so happy, but my ears hurt,” she recalls.

Milena’s perfect family would be Hispanic (and cook lots of Hispanic food, her favorite), active and caring.

“I’m looking for the real mom and dad that I never had,” she says. 

There is no video available for this child.

Milena, ID: 10571382