Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Michael D.

Polite, personable and very well-behaved, Michael’s got a great big appetite – for food (he loves chicken, and rice and beans), school (he’s really proud of making the “Student of the Month” list) and his scooter. “I’d ride it all the way to Disney World if I could,” he says.

An A and B student, Michael’s favorite subjects are math and art, because “art is everywhere.” He especially likes to draw and thinks he’s pretty good at it. His favorite subjects: “Cars! Mustangs and monster trucks, mostly.” He’s also a big basketball fan, and roots hard for the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves, who get to enjoy something Michael longs to see in real life: snow.

“If I could get on a plane and fly wherever I wanted to go, I’d go to New York,” he says. “It snows there every year at Christmas, and it don’t never snow in Miami.”

But if finding his forever family means he won’t get to see that snow, he’s good with that. It’s much more important to Michael to celebrate Christmas, and every day, really, with parents who are “nice, funny and loving.”

Michael D., ID: 00000000