Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Michael

“I’m nice, I like to play sports and I love to eat,” says Michael by way of introduction. Oh, and math – he’s great at math.

“I like numbers,” he says. “Sometimes I do math just for fun. That’s how much I love it.”

When he’s not counting and solving sums, this smart and articulate student likes to relax by playing football (the Dolphins are his favorite team) and watching TV.

Teen Titans Go! is good,” says Michael. “It’s about superheroes.”

His favorite character is Beast Boy, “because he can change into any animal. If I could do that, I’d change into a lion.” Why? “They run fast and they’re loud!”

Michael wants to be a doctor when he grows up, “because I want to save people,” he says. His perfect day would find him waking up, brushing his teeth, exercising, then eating breakfast and settling in for a Teen Titans Go! marathon. His perfect family would be there sharing the day with him.

“And I could teach them math,” he says excitedly.

Michael, ID: 101737509