Photographed by Michelle Becerra

About Matthew

A hip hop-loving future scientist or doctor, Matthew bashfully describes himself as “smart and quiet,” and impressed the crew with his not-to-be-believed back flips. “

When he’s not busting out his tumbling moves, this polite young man likes playing football with his friends, riding his bike and whiling away the time with video games – just like most boys his age.

At school Matthew is a role model student, “because I do my work and help other people,” he says proudly. He thinks being able to fly would be cool, and going to Planet Air to play dodgeball on the giant indoor trampolines is one of his favorite things to do, even if he’s only “so-so” at it.

When asked what his future family should know about him, Matthew thinks for a long minute before sharing that he sometimes needs time to warm up, and that he’d love having a brother around his own age to hang out with. “And a dog!” He’d really like a dog.

There is no video available for this child.

Matthew, ID: 100929565