Photographed by Jorge Parra

About Lorenzo

Behind Lorenzo’s soulful eyes and calm demeanor beats the heart of a creative young man who longs to someday perform on stage. A music lover to the core, Lorenzo is learning to play the electric guitar.

“I like piano, too,” he adds.

Like many boys his age, Lorenzo is a big fan of superheroes. He’s an avid reader of comic books, and lists Captain America, Ant Man and Spider-Man among his favorites. When asked if he could have any superpower, though, he immediately replies he’d like some of what the Flash has got because, well, “he’s fast.” That makes a lot of sense, since Lorenzo also enjoys playing football, basketball and tennis – all sports which require lots of speed.

Lorenzo also likes amusement parks, and he would love to spend his next birthday with his friends and new family at Disney World. A few other things his future family should know about him are his favorite foods (“pizza, chicken, and rice and beans”), his favorite school subject (“science”) and that when it comes to video games, he is a “Minecraft master!”

Lorenzo, ID: 10292837