Photographed by AJ Shorter

About Jashawn, Thomas, Kamren, Lacy

The fierce bond between siblings Lacy, Kamren, Thomas and Jashawn is undeniably strong. Like most siblings, they like to play together and inevitably get on each other’s nerves. But beneath any pouts and raised voices shines a love that’s easy to recognize.

Jashawn is a fan of art, science and basketball, and makes his siblings’ well-being his top priority.

Thomas, an aspiring actor, has an engaging personality and an impressive amount of confidence.

Kamren is a hands-on kind of kid who enjoys working on projects and looking out for his little sister.

Lacy, the lone girl of the group, simply adores princesses. She can easily incorporate the topic into any conversation – and does.

Together, the four of them enjoy being active outdoors as well as indoors, where they can be found mastering the latest video games. They’re also animal lovers, having once owned two dogs. Food and music are also good ways to get the fun going with these kids. On their collective wish list is the opportunity to travel, mainly to see snow for the first time, perhaps in New York.

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