Photographed by Betsy Marotto

About Fedorah

Asked to describe herself, Fedorah uses the words “sweet” and “cheerful,” and both are entirely spot on. Her infectious smile and warm laughter brightens the day of everyone she encounters. Certainly not shy, Fedorah admits she truly enjoys being around other people.

As for her likes, her favorite color is purple and she loves watching scary movies, eating popcorn and playing soccer. Science is another major like, and she proudly announces that she gets good grades. Both fit in perfectly with her future plans: Fedorah hopes to someday become a doctor so she can “help kids and babies.” She also aspires to become a singer, and dreams of taking the stage with the likes of Beyoncé and Drake.

This caring young girl’s chosen superpower? To make other people’s wishes come true. And as for what makes her happy, Fedorah’s quick to reply: “Everything and everybody!”

Fedorah, ID: 103675390