Photographed by Gregory Reed

About Dontavious

Dontavious doesn’t really say much at first, but his affectionate nature comes shining through his big, bright eyes. This curious toddler becomes more active once he warms up to someone. In fact, he might just plant a kiss on you once he’s comfortable.

Paw Patrol, an animated series about six rescue dogs and their tech-savvy boy-leader, is Dontavious’s favorite show, which isn’t surprising once you consider his sense of adventure and enthusiasm. Both are reasons why the staff at his daycare has described his energy level as “being on 100!”

According to his caretaker, Dontavious likes to explore and gets along well with other children. She believes any family would be blessed to have him. His caseworker agrees.

“He’s a sweet little boy, and a very special child. He would bring so much love and joy to any family.”

There is no video available for this child.

Dontavious, ID: 104893764