Photographed by Krishan Gray

About Dedrick

To the people who know him, Dedrick is smart, funny and a good friend. To the family that eventually adopts him, he will be a child you couldn’t ever imagine living without. Dedrick is an all-around cool kid who loves football and enjoys being active. When he’s not hard at work studying (his favorite subject is math), he’s outside playing or talking about his favorite sport – yup, football. His passion for the gridiron has fueled his desire to play professionally as an adult.

There’s much more to Dedrick than his love of football, though. He’s also into comedy, speed and lots of action. Pickle & Peanut is his favorite TV show; big action movies like The Avengers will get definitely his undivided attention. If you gave him a superpower, he’d pick speed and use it to win lots and lots of football games. His future aspirations include a face-to-face meeting with Barack Obama.

Dedrick’s dream family is one that has siblings for him to play and share with. His greatest wish is to take a family vacation and just have fun together.

Dedrick, ID: 00000000