Photographed by Sid Hoeltzell

About Daniel

A running start, a leap into the air and an impressively executed roundoff back handspring ends with a grinning little boy landing solidly on his feet. Before you’ve even had a chance to blink he’s off again, this time whirling across the grass in a long, steady line of cartwheels, a fast-moving blur tinkling with laughter.

Meet Daniel; he likes to tumble.

It’s probably what he talks about most, says Daniel, so he thinks it’s important for potential moms and dads to know that: “I talk a lot – a lot – about gymnastics, every day, all day.”

Other things that put a smile on his face are bulldogs, because “they’re cute and chubby,” St. Augustine and school.

“You get to learn and have fun,” explains Daniel of the latter. “I like reading and math the best.”

Daniel’s working his way through the Junie B. Jones book series and enjoys adding and subtracting. Drawing is something else he likes to do, mostly pictures of soccer balls and basketballs. If he had a million dollars he’d give it away to “people that are poor and need help,” and thinks that it would be really cool to have brothers and sisters. His perfect day would be spent at the beach, where he would turn cartwheels in the sand. And if he falls down?

“I’ll just get back up and keep trying.”

Daniel, ID: 12599436