Photographed by Crystal Swass

About Cedrick

It might take Cedrick a little while to open up, but once this studious little guy starts talking, you won’t want him to stop. Funny and curious, he brightens up any room with a shy smile and an engaging series of questions.

If it were up to him, Cedrick would grow up to be a superhero; in the meantime, he’s using his powers to do well in school (where his favorite subject is math) and earn awards for good attendance and big accomplishments. Cedrick also likes soccer, dogs and is a self-described “nice guy.”

Since losing his mother a few years ago, Cedrick has hoped to be adopted by a family that will love him – but if they don’t like football, that’s a deal-breaker!

His caseworker, Valerie, says he’s a great kid who deserves a loving forever family.

“He is a very, very lovable child… he told me the other day, ‘I want a mom and dad. I want a house and a pool. I want siblings to play football with.’ He’d benefit from a strong male role model,” she says.

As for Cedrick, he says, “I want a family that is fun and will do things with me.”

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Cedrick, ID: 102953981